Sunday, April 17, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Party March 16, 2011

For our Relief Society Birthday party we had a wonderful program and got to sample food from all around the world. Enjoying some great food and some great company.


A beautiful song by Denise Mann and Katherine Nelson

April Spotlights

Karolyn Clifford
Is from Rexburg, Idaho. Currently is working at Starbucks. She is planning on getting an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy. She graduated from BYU-Idaho with a B.S in nutrition. She minored in Theatre Arts. Her family consists of 1 older brother and 1 younger sister. For fun she likes to play the piano, sing, paint, watch movies, and hang out by the bay. For dessert she loves Frozen Yogurt

Annemarie Newell

Born in Kreuznach, Germany and lived there until she was 3. Moved to Cloumbus (Powell) Ohio when she was 3 years old and lived there until High School graduation.

Attends UCSD and is a Mathematics major, Geochemistry Minor.

She is basically an only child, but does have one step-brother.

Some of her favorite things to do are dancing, singing, watching tv and movies, making up her own recipies, and reading.

Her favorite ice cream is strawberry. She also likes fruity flavors of gelato and french vanilla.

Nooona Lee

Grew up in San Diego. She is going to Mesa College and doing liberal studies. Her goal is to be a teacher. She has 3 younger brothers and one younger sister. For fun she likes to try new things, write, and play board gams. Her favorite ice cream is white chocolate raspberry.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Spotlights

Michelle Kirk

Grew up: In Dallas, Texas

Moved here recently from Boston, Massachusetts

She is a Program Manager for LDL Financial

Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Mass Communication

Family: 3 older brothers, 3 older half-brothers

What she likes to do for fun: Snowboarding, Golf, Running, Working out, Photograpy, Painting, Travelling, Marble Sculpting, Biking, and Cooking

Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road

Kristy KoppenhaverGrew up in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia which is only an hour and a half from D.C.

She has lived in San Diego for a year and a half.

Graduated from University of Utah where she majored in Ballet and minored in Business

She is a dancer with the City Ballet of San Diego

Also works at Zanzibar Cafe where apparently she makes a delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate

Family: Has 2 younger brothers. Kyle is 21 and attends West Virginia University. Hunter is 15.

Also has a weiner dog Maddie and a Homeward Bound look alike cat named Sassy

What she likes to do for fun: Bike rides on the board walk, hanging out on the beach, blasting Justin Bieber in the car, and bargen shopping.

Favorite Ice Cream: Yogurtland Pistachio with raspberries and almonds on top

Ashley Camargo

Grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon

Moved here recently from Provo, UT where she went to BYU

Graduated in Biology

Currently works at Macy's

Has 3 brothers and 1 sister

Favorite thing to do for fun is Hiking

Favorite ice cream is Chocolate or Peanut Butter

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Exchange

To celebrate the Christmas season we had a cookie and recipe exchange. So many delicious cookies! If you'd like to share a recipe you can post a comment.

Here's Sister Bostwick teaching us how to

make bark (the kind that you eat)

Look at all the awesome cookies!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the world, but not of the world

On Nov 11, 2010 we had our wonderful Relief Society Program called In the world, but not of the world. We each got to take home a beautiful picture depicting the parable of the 10 virgins.